Overview of the EEO-TIX Investigation Process

Formal Complaints of Prohibited Conduct as described in the USC Policy on Prohibited Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation typically result in an investigation handled by the EEO-TIX office after a Notice of Investigation (NOI) is concurrently issued to the Respondent and the Reporting Party. The NOI signals the start of an investigation; the investigation process is described below.

As stated in the above image, the steps in the investigative process are:

Formal Complaint

  • Filed by Reporting Party or signed by Title IX Coordinator

Notice of Allegations

  • With sufficient detail and time for a party to prepare for an initial interview


  • Thorough search for relevant facts and evidence
  • Conducted by a trained investigator who is free from conflicts of interest or bias

Evidence Review

  • Of any evidence that is directly related to the allegations 

Written Responses to Evidence

  • 10-day review period 
  • Parties may submit written responses 

Investigative Report

  • Fairly summarizes relevant evidence
  • Includes inculpatory and exculpatory evidence

Written Responses to Report

  • 10-day review period
  • Parties may submit written responses

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