USC Community Reflects on Lessons Learned One Year After Floyd Murder

USC’s Student Health Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee marked the one-year anniversary of the murder of George Floyd and the subsequent anti-racism movement it galvanized with a program for students, faculty, and staff that was designed to provide resources and motivate participants to engage in or continue anti-racism work. 

The program commemorated the life of Floyd, who was killed while in police custody, and other victims of police brutality and anti-Black racism. Organizers also encouraged participants to describe their personal commitments to advance racial and social justice and received many compelling responses that included speaking out against injustices when they see them, owning your own privilege and committing to anti-racism efforts, asking more questions to those who experience racism, educating themselves on what it means to be anti-racist, promoting DEI efforts at work and in other groups, and supporting Black businesses, among other ideas.

The presenters also provided a multitude of resources, including books, podcasts, movies or documentaries, and organizations they could support, including:

USC Student Health is also seeking participants for a learning group that will host an ongoing series of discussions of podcasts, movies, books and other media related to the anti-racism movement. Go to USC Student Health for more information.