Students Sought for Sanctioning Panels

EEO-TIX is looking for several undergraduate and graduate students to serve in our Misconduct Sanctioning Panelist pool for the current academic year. This important role comes with an annual stipend from the University and is open to any interested student.

Flyer describing panelist role

Student panelists will serve on a Misconduct Sanctioning Panel that is convened to determine appropriate sanctions for when a student-Respondent is found responsible for violating the University’s Policy on Prohibited Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation and the Resolution Process for Sexual Misconduct. Panels are comprised of two trained faculty and/or staff and one student (either an undergraduate or graduate student, depending on the status of the Respondent) to determine the appropriate sanctions.

Candidates should be passionate about the University’s Unifying Values, equity, and justice and confident that they can participate in such matters in a fair, neutral manner. Panelists can anticipate being asked to serve on approximately three (3) panels per semester; panel meetings typically last from 2-4 hours in duration and are hosted via Zoom. Panelists are also required to devote several hours of preparation time in advance of the sanction meeting. Finally, each panelist must participate in a comprehensive half-day training (via Zoom). Successful candidates will be financially compensated for their service via an annual stipend from the University. 

More details about the role and how to apply can be found here.