Harassment Prevention Training launched

The university is launching its biennial Harassment Prevention Training on Thursday, October 12 for faculty, staff and student workers. Everyone (except for new hires who have been assigned the training automatically as part of their onboarding) will receive the mandatory training assignment via a TrojanLearn assignment and will have until December 12, 2023 to complete it.

The training ties directly to our Unifying Values and further serves to provide USC faculty and staff with clear expectations that come with being a part of our Trojan community, including:

  • Knowing how to identify potential discrimination and harassment, including sexual and gender-based harassment and related retaliation (Prohibited Conduct), how to make a report, and where to go for help and support.
  • Understanding the university’s processes for responding to and resolving reports of Prohibited Conduct.
  • Learning how to be an upstander in situations where you feel comfortable doing so and ways you can contribute to a supportive university community.

For more information about the training, which is administered by EEO-TIX, go here.