President Folt accepts findings of committee on Jewish Life at USC

President Folt has accepted the report and final recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Jewish Life at USC and asked the Committee’s members to continue serving in a standing capacity to implement them. The committee was convened in January 2022 to consider a number of tangible solutions across disciplines and domains to ensure USC remains a destination university for Jewish students, faculty, and staff. Over the course of the Spring 2022 semester, this committee held five meetings and developed a set of actionable recommendations to support Jewish students, faculty and staff in several areas, including: experiences of antisemitism; university communications, processes and policies; the Jewish experience on-campus, especially for students; and education and training.

Many of the recommendations are already underway, and updates on the committee’s progress and implementation will be shared periodically, she noted.

“Today, I was pleased to accept the Advisory Committee on Jewish Life at USC’s final report, which provides great direction in a number of areas to tangibly support the lives of our Jewish students, faculty and staff. I look forward to working with them to implement these recommendations, and I am grateful for their thoughtful work and ongoing support. Their efforts set an example for how we can support all of our communities on campus and I’m excited to continue this work with an Advisory Committee on Muslim life, which will launch this academic year and follow the same format, President Folt said.

For more information about the committee’s work and to read the final report and recommendations, go here.