Celebrating International Pronouns Day

Today marks the annual celebration of International Pronouns Day, which celebrates everyone’s multiple, intersecting identities and encourages us to respect, share, and educate each other about personal pronoun use. 

As part of LGBTQ+ History Month, a cross-disciplinary committee is recommending the following ways you can support the day and incorporate pronouns into daily use:

  • Join the LGBTQ + SC Center in Hahn plaza for education, pronoun buttons, and giveaways
  • Model the practice of sharing your pronouns when you do student organization, department meeting, or classroom introductions
  • Practice a set of pronouns that are unfamiliar to you: practicewithpronouns.com
  • Share your pronouns and why they matter on your personal social media channels
  • Add your pronouns to your email signature
  • Use a Zoom background that celebrates International Pronouns Day
  • Consult USC’s Campus Coordinated Response Team’s Inclusive Campus Guidebook and KeckPride’s Pronouns Day toolkit for more information about pronouns, what to do if you make a mistake, and strategies on how to incorporate pronouns in introductions and other spaces
  • Update your information to include the pronouns you use in USC’s data systems: Experience USC (for students); and Workday (for employees). (For more detailed information for students on how to update your name, gender identity, and pronouns, visit the LGBTQ+ Student Center’s website.)